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Medical Disclaimer

MAMSURGLASER services and web site Legal Disclaimer

The advice given herein is for a general audience, and may not be applicable to any given individual.  At MAMSURGLASER all therapy is individualized for each patient.

Smoking Cessation

The services or products on this web-site are not to be considered a replacement for any treatment, therapy or medication prescribed by a healthcare practitioner or Doctor or Office/Hospital. No health claims are intended or implied. No information or products in this web-site are intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Statements made on this web-site are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. If you have a medical condition, please see a qualified physician. The manufacturers and sales representatives of the lasers shown and described make no human claims regarding their products unless stated otherwise as cleared for such by the FDA. Some cold lasers or products shown may be for investigational use only and are intended for veterinary or industrial use unless cleared by the FDA for human use. Returns are not accepted unless authorized. All information contained within this website is protected by copyright law. No part of it may be copied or reproduced without written consent by the management of MAMSURGLASER.


Individual results for any given patient cannot be guaranteed, nor can they be predicted with absolute accuracy.  Results may vary and are not entirely represented by the photos provided on this website.  Although permanent hair reduction can occur after laser hair removal, for any given patient no assurance of permanency can be guaranteed, nor is any implied.  Laser hair removal may not be effective for any given individual, even after multiple treatments.  Adverse effects, such as change in skin pigmentation (light or dark spots), skin burns, scarring, acne, or folliculitis can occur.  Although many laser hair removal practices advertise laser hair removal as "virtually pain-free", MAMSURGLASER does not, and does not support this representation.  Laser hair removal, while generally well-tolerated, can be uncomfortable, particularly utilizing the new laser technology used to treat patients with dark skin.  The Institute of Laser Medicine utilizes cooling technology which decreases the discomfort associated with laser hair removal, which enables patients to tolerate long treatment sessions, thereby allowing the treatment of large body areas, such as full legs or back and shoulders.

General Disclaimer

All material on this website, including text, images, and graphics are Copyright© 1997-2008 by Mid-Atlantic Multi-Specialty Surgical Group L.L.C. and/or had permission to publish on this website.  MAMSURGLASER is a private surgical practice conducted by Mid-Atlantic Multi-Specialty Surgical Group, L.L.C. Reproduction, duplication, copying, or photographing of any part of this material is prohibited.  Mid-Atlantic Multi-Specialty Surgical Group, L.L.C., MAMSURGLASER nor any affiliates take responsibility for complications associated with laser therapy as the risk must and will be explained to the participant and the  participant may not have any therapy unless he/she understands the risks and medical disclaimer by signing a consent form .