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Laser Hair Removal
MAMSURGLASER specializes in laser hair removal, with a staff trained & experienced in this procedure. We use the most advanced and latest in technology lasers to provide a safe and effective treatment.

3-D Skin Rejuvenation
Only Cutera laser and takes a three-tiered approach to skin rejuvenation — resulting in noticeably improved skin tone, texture and tightness.

Vein Therapy
The removal of facial and leg veins can be effectively removed using the special type of state of the art lasers we provide at MAMSURGLASER

Smoking Cessation
of the only centers in the region trained and certified to offer the increasingly popular lowlight level laser therapy for smoking cessation.

MAMSURGLASER will provide you with the latest innovations in skin rejuvenation, hair removal and smoking cessation


The traditional approach to younger looking skin, cosmetic surgery, consisted of removing excess skin and fat, then pulling old looking skin tight. Now you have tight, old looking skin, giving you a skeletonized look. You appear more aged and looking like you had a face-lift. We use the new contemporary approach to cosmetic plastic surgery.

MAMSURGLASER’S approach to cosmetic plastic surgery does not involve painful surgery but consists of rejuvenating damaged skin. We will provide you with the latest innovations in skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

Our goal is to provide you with a natural look. Family and friends of our patients will often comment that they look great, but can't put their finger on what the change is. Before you have Cosmetic Plastic Surgery let us show you the latest options available to restore your natural beauty.


Mamsurglaser is proud to announce we are now doing laser tattoo removal.